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All we really need is love.

'Mental Health can, and should be an exciting subject, where individuals are ensured the opportunity to grow, bloom and thrive, actually improving one's alertness, ability, creativity, mental acuity and happiness.'

- Deborah Joan Jones

Living life without a handbook or guide, not knowing what to expect, or how to handle the many crazy obstacles it can throw at you day to day can sometimes make one feel at a loss, without control, or with a feeling of overwhelm. Life is not straightforward, so our reactions and the way we deal with it all is important to our overall health. Many factors can enhance or inhibit our reasoning and reaction skills. Sometimes, we're thrown a grenade and our lives blow up, or we're taken down. Bereavement, loss of a job, or addiction are just a few things that can jolt us. Many factors contribute to our ability to make decisions and handle life's obstacles. And even when it seems like all is going okay, it doesn't always feel that way. This mental health community and its associated Facebook Group exist because sometimes we all need a little help. Real help and understanding. With love.

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We promise to strive to keep you up to date on the best doctors, research, resources and help out there. And to offer real solutions to those who are looking for help.

With celebrity endorsements, from artists who believe in the good work we are doing, and with your support through word of mouth, we will spread the word far and wide. The unnecessary hurt, and deaths need to stop. Full stop.

Honoring the individuals and groups who are doing incredible work, battling to improve the field of mental health, we will host events where we take the opportunity to acknowledge them for their dedication to the betterment of the future of mankind.

We will work tirelessly to connect up the many, many like-minded organizations, doctors, communities and groups to enable them to join together in their incredible efforts, becoming an unstoppable force for effective change, ensuring the mental health of men, women and children everywhere.

To invite Deborah Joan Jones or another speaker to talk at your event, group, college, or other activity please contact us to find out more about the different types of help and tools we offer. Mental Health, can and should be an exciting subject, one where individuals are ensured the opportunity to grow, bloom and thrive, actually improving ability, creativity and mental acuity. Pretty cool. If you are dealing with mental health concerns or would like to know more about how you can improve your ability, we can help.

Because sometimes there is great strength in numbers, and anything can be accomplished if we work together.

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