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With so much mystery in the world surrounding the truly simple subject of mental health, sometimes things go wrong. There are horror stories out there happening daily that we never hear about unless a friend or loved one is involved. And you don't always know who's going through it, because people don't like to talk about it. People can be seriously damaged by severe treatment or harsh drugs that were never needed. Unbelievably, children and babies are put on antidepressants, and children and adults can be apprehended, committed, and treated on an involuntary basis, per the Baker Act. Electroshock is still done (ECT - think Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) on an involuntary basis on adults, children and the elderly, and even pregnant mothers. Ouch. If you or someone you know has been committed involuntarily, harmed, or been the subject of what you consider to be mental health abuse or injury, and you need help or advice, help is here. We hear you. You are not alone, and you'll face no criticism, just support, we promise.

Because sometimes we just need someone on our team.

One of the best services is CCHR, a vigilant, stealth defender of the human rights of people worldwide. This non-profit organization helps the victims of mental health cruelty, injury, or abuse, and also helps bring to justice those who are responsible for causing injury or death so they are stopped from doing it to others. They are truly heroes. If you would like to support them in the fight you can use the link at the bottom of the page to donate. See their film below. (Warning, triggering material.)

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If you know what ECT is you'll know it's unpleasant. It's an old treatment that most people think has long gone. But it still happens. Astonishingly, approximately 1,000,000 people are electroshocked every year.  Many doctors have spoken out against its efficacy and its horrific damage and refuse to administer it, opting for less invasive practices. Nurses have also spoken out against its use and have refused to be in the room while it's being done. Sometimes the patient doesn't want it but it is administered against their wishes. The results are scary. It can produce prolonged or delayed onset seizures, cardiovascular complications (including heart attacks), breathing complications, confusion, permanent memory loss, brain damage, and even death. Damn. 

 It can be really damaging and sometimes kills. So why is it still happening? We don't know either. Many countries are trying to ban it. The US wants an immediate ban on using it on children and the elderly. The State of Florida looks to be in good shape to put a stop to it, with a ban as early as next year. Yay. If you live in Florida and believe that you, or someone you know, has suffered ECT injury, or abuse, get help via the 'Help Florida' link below. If you live outside Florida and want to help ban it in your area, you can help via the 'Raise Your Voice' link, also below to get involved. Good for you!

Because sometimes your help is invaluable.

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