The field of the Arts and artists themselves suffer greatly at the hands of those who are critical, or controlling, or those who see something that must be attacked in the beauty and strength of people creating. Filmmakers, actors, painters, musicians, most artistic people have fought countless private, and public battles defending their art, or creativity, even their personal life choices. Artists, and in fact anyone can experience this uninvited negativity from strangers and friends, and sometimes even family. That sucks. Some are totally stopped from creating. Many become introspective, some turn to drugs for support and have died trying to live with the pain. Some, decide drugs aren't for them. Artists who use medical, or recreational drugs might experience a lessening of their creativity, or a withdrawal from it entirely. They may decide the world is against them, and they shouldn't be here at all. Suicide is shockingly common and it needs to stop. Right now. At Because Sometimes, we support and celebrate artists and creative souls everywhere, for their gifts to the world, and their unique ability to uplift and spread joy to all, with their pure, beautiful communications.

Artists are invited to share their artwork here. Visit the Because Sometimes Facebook Group to submit your art to Art Space.

Songs by Deborah Joan Jones

These songs are inspired by her own, and observed experiences of everyday mental health struggles. The highs and lows, and the mindset needed to overcome it all.


Because sometimes it's wrong and we know it

So we work to make it right.

This is what started it all. Artwork that speaks.

Artwork created by people like you, inspired by their experience with mental health issues. Words that uplift and show others they are not alone, but that we are in this together, all of us, for one another.

Because sometimes we need the comfort of the warmth in the voices of those who understand.

To have your own artwork, including paintings, drawings, photography, poetry, songs and writing included in Art Space, use the contact form, or visit the Because Something FB group where you can share and post artwork. Please share the posted artwork far and wide, with the Facebook group name & #becausesometimes, to get the message out there. Your help really could save lives.

You are invited to create your own 'Because Sometimes', poetry to showcase here, and for you and others to share to spread the word. 

Because sometimes art has an infinite power to uplift, defend, even to heal.

Because sometimes you shine too brightly for the dark ones
Shamed Deborah Joan Jones
Oblivion Deborah Joan Jones
In Thought
We've been too thoroughly convinced that we are not the authors of our own destiny.
Love Deborah Joan Jones
Beyond Your Control?
Thinking Man on Couch
THey try to cure agony of the soul by treating the body.
Beautiful Warrior
By H. Biali
Secrets and Lies Deborah Joan Jones
Confetti Storm
Awakening Deborah Joan Jones
The problem is not in your mind but someone else's.
Does it really make you feel better to speak badly of others
The Face of Kindness Deborah Joan Jones
Poem Deborah Joan Jones
Because Sometimes Deborah Joan Jones
Poem Deborah Joan Jones
It's Never Too Late
Fans at Concert